Find the latest community-based events in your area. Explore events that your friends are attending and share your own.


Create an event with easy-to-use controls.



Promote your event with the touch of a button and keep your target audience up-to-date on information.


Attend community-based events, spread the word and share with friends. Purchase or donate to an event or fundraiser with our in-app purchasing feature.


Are you a member of an organization that conducts fundraisers to raise money for a good cause? Or, perhaps you’re an upcoming designer trying to promote your next expo? How about a regular citizen just trying to find out what to do this weekend? Well we have good news for you!

We designed Tittle App with you in mind – to give you a real opportunity to achieve your community-based goals.
At Tittle App, our mission is to strengthen communities by helping members locate and support local events and organizations.

Using the latest technologies, Tittle App serves as the new conduit between members of the community and event organizers. Our mobile app lets community members easily explore, create, promote, support, share and rate community-based events with the touch of a button.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Tittle App movement today.

Tittle Offer

Find and promote community-based events in your area today!


Not sure of what to do this evening or weekend? Want to contribute more to local organizations and events? With the touch of a button Tittle App users gain the latest information on community-based events in their area.


With Tittle App, there is no need for cash. Purchase or accept payments for your events using our in-app purchasing feature. Whether you’re selling tickets for your latest art exhibition or accepting donations for your team’s car wash, Tittle App makes purchases for your event both easy and convenient. When your event is completed, Tittle App compiles all of the revenue and data you generated in a simple and clean spreadsheet for your purposes.


Got an event, fundraiser or even a yard sale that you want to share with your community? Get going with creating your event with the Tittle App in just a few easy steps. Track how many people will be attending your event, promote it, and take donations and payments all from the convenience of your app.


What’s an event without friends? Tittle App makes it easy for you and your friends to share events that you will be attending. Make the ultimate decision on how and where you want to spend your time and money while allowing your friends a sneak peek into your world of events.


Promoting an event can be hard work…but it doesn’t have to be. The Tittle App makes promoting your event and targeting specific audiences seamless. Reach more people in your community than you thought possible, let people in on the details of your event and generate instant buzz from your followers.


Feedback matters, not only to the team at Tittle App but to event organizers and community members. Rate events that you’ve attended and see what people are saying about events you wish to attend in the future. Share your favorite events with your friends to increase community exposure.

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